Fortigo News — Expanding Vendor Portal Functionality

Fortigo expands Vendor Portal functionality for the aerospace industry. Functionality includes: manifesting, visibility and trade compliance.

AUSTIN, Texas, USA (December 5, 2015) — Fortigo has recently expanded its cloud based collaborative logistics platform with Vendor Portal functionality for the aerospace industry. The solution provides an execution platform that enables standardization and collaboration across multiple supply chain segments while meeting unique requirements. The aerospace supply chain presents several challenges as it involves multiple modes of transportation, diverse end-user base, and requires virtually every service level. The Fortigo Vendor Portal is a fresh approach to the old problem of having one execution platform for both inbound and outbound transportation for greater efficiency, visibility and spend management. Contact us today ( to explore this rich functionality.


How can vendors avoid duplicate entry?

This is a common question from our customers and their vendors. It is specific to the customer. Currently half of FOrtigo Customers have direct links into the Fortigo system for seamless data exchange. Fortigo supports several integration technologies such as XML, EDI CSV and customer specific formats.

In other News... Home Page Login Functionality
Customers can now log into their account from the home page.

New Offices
Fortigo has moved into new offices in Austin, Texas. The larger, updated space is in the same building as the previous offices. Suite #325 was needed in response to Fortigo's expanding staff. "We are at an exciting point in our history," said Fortigo's President George Kontoravdis. "The fresh new offices will support our continuing growth and allow us to meet customer demand."

Fortigo By Numbers

What We're Working On
We're working to build a savings calculator for vendor portal savings. Highlights include: 100% shipping compliance and over 20% cost reduction. Contact us today ( to find out more.

George Kontoravdis, President

We like the Fortigo online system as it is easy to use in order to update bills and enter statuses... Having shipping documents online and ready to print makes our job easier...

— AIT Worldwide Logistics

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