Winter 2020

Inside the Circle of Trust

Inside the Circle of Trust

Fortigo's Vendor Portal Gives Vendors Outside the Enterprise Access to the TMS

Managing inbound and outbound shipping costs is a challenge for any organization whose business involves frequent shipping activities. Fortigo's Vendor Portal aggregates all relevant shipping information, including pre-negotiated rates, purchase order, origination, destination, pickup date, ready date, and shipping status. Vendors and shippers share the portal for complete visibility into shipments. The portal allows everyone to:

  • Connect and collaborate with other groups, vendors, and partners
  • Execute based on real-time data, streamline resources
  • Optimize routing and reduce cost

Fortigo's Vendor Portal is designed and engineered to facilitate businesses with global shipping operations that demand accuracy, consistency, and punctuality.

Additional benefits of the Vendor Portal include:

  • Seamless integration with Order Management Systems
  • Elimination of duplicate data entries
  • Cost reduction with automated carrier selection capabilities
  • Inbound visibility
  • Detailed user-specific shipment analysis reports
  • Streamlined freight invoice settlement

Contact us today at to explore how Fortigo's Vendor Portal gives you visibility into your shipping operation, saves you time and money, and controls inbound shipping activities.

My colleague entered an order but I cannot see an order to ship?

This is a permissions issue. For two users to see the same order, they must be assigned to the same project and vendor number (if applicable).

Fortigo by the Numbers

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The pick-pack-ship pages have been enhanced! They are now easier to use and boast some new functionality such as:

  • Temperature controlled items are now flagged in the Description of an item as Ambient, Refrigerated, or Frozen to assist with packaging or service selection requirements.
  • For items that are set to Auto-Pack, dimensions and weight are automatically filled out in the Pack step.
  • Service selection now relies on cost-based routing. The most cost-effective carrier and service are selected for the lane, based on the rates available in the system.

What We're Working On

Fortigo is currently working on implementing and incorporating advanced and interactive dashboards to deliver business intelligence to our customers. This new feature will provide easy access and insights into the transportation volume and spend data of the Enterprise.

George Kontoravdis, President


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Transportation Management System

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