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Fall 2021

Depending on the industry, logistics typically represent 10% of the overall cost structure of a company. Given the ever-changing logistics environment, it has never been more important to have a comprehensive solution to keep your supply chain healthy, and freight spend in check. The Fortigo ecosystem brings together a leading Transportation Management System (TMS) and Freight Audit and Payment (FAP) service to ensure maximum visibility and hard-dollar savings.

Fortigo TMS at the Front of Supply Chain Innovation

While many companies continue to use a traditional TMS that requires hardware and various systems for different regions and modes of transport, the Fortigo system streamlines the solution into one system delivered as a Software-as-a-service. With the Fortigo TMS, automation, visibility, and optimization increase efficiency, reduce errors, and save money on shipping activities across the entire enterprise. Whether it’s a small letter or an ocean container, any shipment can flow through the Fortigo TMS to any region in the world.

One Freight Audit Solution for All Modes of Transport

Historically, companies used different providers for different modes of transportation. It’s time for companies to bring their various audited modes under one roof, so they have a global view to see exactly where their spend goes and understand their carrier performance accuracy. Fortigo is one of the few providers that do precisely that. Our solution includes customizable live dashboards, allowing companies to instantly see which mode is costing them most, which carrier isn’t performing up to standard, and any other important statistics. As shipping volume continues to recover from the pandemic, many carriers are reinstating money-back guarantees for on-time delivery, a significant driver of savings for customers. In preparation for this, Fortigo implemented a new process to deal with carrier late fees, re-emphasizing the customer savings guarantee. Email us at to learn more.

How does Fortigo pay carriers?

New Feature(s) Alert

2021 year-to-date, 85 features added to TMS.

Real Time Dashboards are one of our favorite new features this year! This feature allows you to drill down into your work queue to see how you are faring for the day and provides a live view of what is happening with your shipping spend. At a glance, executives have visual access to spend trends and carrier performance. Customizable views provide key KPIs and so much more, allowing easy executive decision making and strategy planning.

Want to learn more about how Fortigo’s TMS and Freight Audit system can help your company? Email us at!

In Other News

Founders Corner

The last 18 months has reinforced your need for a multi-prong approach to combat price surges, capacity issues, and changing carrier services. Now more than ever, you need options with state-of-the-art technology to keep your supply chain healthy and shipping costs down. At Fortigo, we actively work on taking customer data flowing into our TMS and Freight Audit systems, normalizing it, and presenting it to the end-user as actionable data points. With agility and responsiveness in mind, we spent the last year optimizing our TMS with new features to support the ever-changing environment our customers were operating in. As the logistics industry returns to a new normal, our TMS and Freight Audit systems are ready to maximize your supply chain efficiency, visibility, and savings.

George Kontoravdis, Ph.D.
Founder and President, Fortigo


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