Summer 2019

It's All in the Cloud

Reliable. Scalable. Secure.

Since forming our company in 2000, Fortigo has delivered a robust and reliable Software as a Service (SAAS) solution. The SAAS model relies on cloud computing to deliver computing power, storage, and network application management for online companies. Fortigo is committed to providing the highest level of reliability, performance, and security for our on-demand product. Earlier this year, Fortigo migrated all of our service delivery systems to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure.

AWS is the leading provider of cloud services for the largest companies in the world, including Amazon. Fortigo made this move because AWS has a proven track record of providing stable and secure solutions to mission-critical applications.

"If Amazon can rely on AWS to support their multi-billion dollar online business, then Fortigo is confident that our customers will enjoy the same level of service," says George Kontoravdis, President of Fortigo.

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What happens when there is a regional service outage?

Amazon automatically switches to a different region at the AWS level. We are with the number 1 web services provider.


What We're Working On
We are reformatting our reports and updating the way we search. Look for updates soon.

George Kontoravdis, President

I am delighted to have this visibility. There is absolutely a benefit.

— Major Airline Vendor

American Airlines
United Airlines
US Airways
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