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Freight Audit & Payment

Algorithms + Brain Trust = Savings

When customers sit down with Fortigo to explore their Freight Audit solution, they quickly find out that Fortigo is different from other vendors in that they audit everything at the charge code level. Freight invoices are analyzed at a granular level using Fortigo's proprietary algorithms. Each charge in a freight invoice is referred back to a transportation event, looking to eliminate duplicates and errors.

When the invoice arrives at Fortigo's offices via EDI, XML, and or Excel, it is comprised of a series of sub-charges, that make up the invoice total. Fortigo validates that shipments have not already been paid and the charges are correct. Additionally, Fortigo ensures that the negotiated contracted rates are honored for each charge code in an invoice. Customers pick our solution over the competition because we:

Recently Fortigo boosted the horsepower in their freight audit engine with a new report. "This is the Mother of all reports when it comes to freight audit," says George Kontoravdis, Fortigo's president. Fondly called the Jana Report, after a procurement professional at a major airline who shared her report wish list with Fortigo. The report includes everything you would want to know about your freight spend. Every charge code for every shipment in the invoice is accounted for, and charges are broken out into categories such as:

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My company has several departments. How do you determine which department each invoice belongs to?

We have pre-defined rules to determine which invoice belongs where. At the start, we work with the customer to determine these rules. Then, we apply them to the invoice data we receive from the carrier. We are able to use any data fields that the carrier provides to build these customer rules and accurately process the invoices.

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What We're Working On
We are reformatting our reports and updating the way we search. Look for updates soon.

George Kontoravdis, President

The winning combination of excellent customer service and user-friendly Fortigo site have made our job easier.

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