Fall 2016

Freight Spend Visibility: Closing the Loop

The numbers are in, and Fortigo customers are realizing significant savings with enhanced closed-loop freight audit.

Freight Spend

Fortigo's advanced Freight Audit goes beyond verifying billing accuracy offered by traditional freight audit service providers. It generates additional savings by identifying shipping execution compliance gaps and possible chargebacks. In addition, it provides detailed spend visibility to empower logistics professionals to drive for better performance.

Fortigo's Freight Audit process reviews freight invoices to identify incorrect charges based on criteria including carrier service level agreements, negotiated rate sheets, and volume discounts. All invoice elements are cross-referenced against past invoices at the charge code level to identify potential duplicates. Finding service failures is built in the audit process so that late shipments are tagged for non-payment.

Charge items due for refund are automatically short-paid eliminating the need for post-audit. Built-in carrier performance reports determine deviations from carrier service level agreements and are of great importance during contract negotiation.

Fortigo's Freight Audit system has a number of built-in reports, including summary spend by account period and carrier, spend dashboard to quickly spot spend trends, savings report, spend by mode, and charge category. The most popular report is the "Spend Report" that gives end users the ability to slice and dice their spend by dozens of different criteria while combining 100+ report fields.

Explore how Fortigo can close your logistics loop. Contact us today at info@fortigo.com to explore this rich functionality and cost-saving service.

Fortigo by the Numbers

Fortigo's closed-loop audit solution identifies more savings than traditional freight audit services, by identifying chargebacks, duplicates, overcharges, and service failures. The image below demonstrates savings distribution realized by our customers.

Fortigo by the Numbers


Collaboration3 — Our Latest White Paper
Significant efficiencies can be realized across the supply chain when all stakeholders (enterprise, vendors, carriers) can collaborate in real-time through a standardized logistics execution platform. Download Fortigo's whitepaper titled "Collaboration3."

New Feature

Fortigo Savings Report
The Freight Audit Savings Report is in production. Now you can generate a report that shows charge failures by carrier, including:

Savings Report Fall

Imagine closing your logistics loop with the intelligence from this report. Aside from hard dollar savings, closed-loop audit and reporting can be further leveraged to guide shipping execution and logistics strategy. Contact Fortigo at info@fortigo.com to inquire about this functionality.

What We're Working On
We are building a new front end! Our user interface will feature a fresh and contemporary look and feel. Look for our new UI by the end of the year.

George Kontoravdis, President

We like the Fortigo online system as it is easy to use in order to update bills and enter statuses... Having shipping documents online and ready to print makes our job easier...

— AIT Worldwide Logistics

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