Winter 2021

Got Freight? We've Got Savings!

Fortigo's guarantee is an industry-first feature.

Savings Guarantee

Fortigo's Freight Audit service eliminates overcharging and identifies incorrect charges based on several criteria such as carrier service level agreement, negotiated rate sheets, and volume discounts. Additionally, we ensure that negotiated contracted rates are honored for each charge code in an invoice. Our users enjoy industry-leading features, and Fortigo is the only provider that guarantees freight audit accuracy. Customers love Fortigo's guaranteed service refund, an industry-first feature.

For customers moving from a manual process to Fortigo, first-year savings can easily top 7 to 10% or more for freight audit. Established customers typically see 2% savings or more year over year - depending on the volume of shipping that occurs in a given year. Pairing Fortigo's Freight Audit service with our TMS can compound savings for customers. Multiple large multinational organizations have trusted the Fortigo team with their freight audit solution for over a decade.

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Fortigo by the Numbers

Despite a challenging 2020 and reduced shipping for internal operations, Fortigo customers continued to save millions while navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. The below statistic summarizes savings for Fortigo customers that have been using our Freight Audit and Payment solution for over three years.


Fortigo was once again named to the Inbound Logistics Top 100 Logistics IT Provider list! Read the press release here.

New Feature Alert

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We're Hiring!
Fortigo, Inc. is looking for a talented, highly motivated, and self-driven individual with a strong desire to make an impact in business development and market expansion with Fortigo. We are recruiting a team-oriented Sales executive who excels in a dynamic environment. If you are interested in helping Fortigo become the leading provider of transportation supply-chain execution solutions, check out our job posting for a Senior Account Manager. Know someone ideal for the role? Forward this opportunity along!

What We're Working On
Our development team is looking forward to introducing multimodal shipping in 2021. This feature will enable our customers to streamline shipments across different modes of transportation and with different carriers - simplifying the order-to-settlement process for all parties involved.

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In Other News!

George Kontoravdis, President

The winning combination of excellent customer service and user-friendly Fortigo site have made our job easier.

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