Summer 2018

The Modern TMS is Here

The Modern TMS is Here

Whether you are shopping for your first TMS system, considering updating from a home-grown legacy system, or already lucky enough to be a Fortigo customer, it is worth noting that a truly Modern TMS is crucial to successfully overcoming today's transportation management challenges. Fortigo has been in the Transportation Management System business for over a decade, applying their experience with large enterprise customers across multiple industries to build a seamless system, packed with features and solutions. The system is modular, allowing you to elegantly enhance your capabilities beyond updating freight shipments. With Fortigo, the need to bolt on additional capabilities is over. The multi-faceted approach empowers companies to connect in real-time with their world-wide supply chain partners and provide value from order to settlement.

The benefits of Fortigo's Modern TMS include:

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How does Fortigo TMS provide a better way to monitor shipments?

The Fortigo Transportation Management System (TMS) allows customer to access any necessary information through a single digital platform. This includes every step from creating a shipment to monitoring the status of the shipment to payment of the shipment.


Fortigo named Top 100 Inbound Logistics 2018 — "Fortigo continues to provide the technology solutions Inbound Logistics readers need to achieve the visibility and control that drives successful supply chains. As shippers, carriers, and 3PLs increase their use of logistics IT, Fortigo stays flexible and responsive, anticipating customers' evolving needs. Inbound Logistics is proud to honor Fortigo for innovative solutions empowering logistics and supply chain excellence in 2018," explained Felecia Stratton, Editor, Inbound Logistics. Read more.

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We like the Fortigo online system as it is easy to use in order to update bills and enter statuses... Having shipping documents online and ready to print makes our job easier...

— AIT Worldwide Logistics

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Inbound Logistics Top 100 Fortigo has been named Inbound Logistic's Top 100 14 years in a row
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