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Fortigo Extends Shipping Options with Uber Freight

May 2021

Fortigo is excited to announce a new shipping integration with the Uber Freight platform that went live on May 1, 2021. We join a select list of Transportation Management System (TMS) providers that are integrated with the Uber Freight platform.

"At Uber Freight, we believe that when shipping runs better, the whole world runs better too," said Julie Bui, Program Manager and Sales Engineer at Uber Freight. "We're proud to integrate with Fortigo, offering their users access to our dynamic pricing algorithm and our extensive network of over 70,000 carriers. Together we can continue reshaping the logistics industry to be even more seamless and effective."

"The integration of the Fortigo TMS with the Uber Freight platform greatly extends the carrier network our users can access for more competitive pricing and service selection. It is a win-win solution for all parties involved," said George Kontoravdis, Ph.D., President of Fortigo.

The Uber Freight integration allows Fortigo users the best of both worlds because users can continue viewing their contracted rates with their established carrier network, while also viewing Uber Freight's real-time dynamic pricing inside the Fortigo TMS to maximize freight savings. Adjusting to market conditions is now a click away.

Are you interested in adding Uber Freight as a broker for your Fortigo TMS? Let your designated Fortigo contact know or drop us a quick email at to request activation of this new carrier.

The winning combination of excellent customer service and user-friendly Fortigo site have made our job easier.

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