Summer 2020

One System for Everything

All Transportation Data in One Place

One TMS. Any Shipment. Great Savings.

Fortigo's TMS is one system for all your transportation data. From order to settlement, the system ships everything from letters to containers. Our users enjoy the benefits of automation, optimization, visibility, event management, and robust reporting. We add new features to our system around the clock to adapt to our customers' needs. Here are four of the latest features introduced this past quarter.

  1. Enhanced multi-piece shipping with proactive conversion of parcel to LTL when it is cost advantageous.
  2. Added a smart pack validator to identify unusual shipping and handling unit data and avoid incorrect routing.
  3. Revamped document imaging with support for common formats including PDF, JPG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, and PNG.
  4. Added new canned reports and dozens of new fields.

Contact if you would like to hear more about these new features and Fortigo.


How do I get my trade compliance documents from Fortigo TMS?

The shipping documents are auto-generated at the shipment confirmation screen when the shipper/end-user decides to pack the order. Later, you can view the documents if you know the order number or order information by navigating to Order | View and entering the required criteria. If you only have the tracking number or shipment information, then navigate to Shipment | Status and enter your criteria. In both pages, there are hyperlinks that allow you to view and print the shipping documents.

Fortigo by the Numbers


Fortigo was once again named to the Inbound Logistics Top 100 Logistics IT Provider list! Read the press release here.

We're Hiring!
Fortigo, Inc. is looking for a talented, highly motivated, and self-driven individual with a strong desire to make an impact in business development and market expansion with Fortigo. We are recruiting a team-oriented Sales executive who excels in a dynamic environment. If you are interested in helping Fortigo become the leading provider of transportation supply-chain execution solutions check out our job posting for a Senior Account Manager. Know someone ideal for the role? Forward this opportunity along!

What We're Working On
Multi modal - We are extending our shipping functionality to support any multimodal shipment with the go-live expected at the end of Q3/2020.

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George Kontoravdis, President

We like the Fortigo online system as it is easy to use in order to update bills and enter statuses... Having shipping documents online and ready to print makes our job easier...

— AIT Worldwide Logistics

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Fortigo has been named Inbound Logistic's Top 100 16 years in a row Inbound Logistics Top 100
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