Fall 2017

Smart from the Start

Smart Shipping Automation — From Order to Delivery

Smart from the Start

Leveraging a shipping automation platform is a smart way to run a logistics operation. Start smart with software that integrates with your ERP system, considers your carriers and is configured with pre-negotiated carrier rates. This establishes an optimized process before shipping even begins. It also guarantees that the right carriers and options are the only choices your staff has available; cutting down on errors and saving money.

Shipping automation ensures that steps in the logistics activity chain are simplified and automatic:

Once a smart system is configured, shipping automation is easy and saves money. All documents are there when and where you need them. Fortigo is shipping automation at its best.


How does Fortigo ensure that my shippers will always select the most cost-efficient carrier?

Fortigo captures your enterprise business rules. This ensures that shippers are always presented with the most cost-effective carrier and service for every shipment. This saves you money.

Fortigo by the Numbers

Fortigo by the Numbers

It takes 15 seconds to initiate a shipment in the Fortigo platform. We timed it.


The new real-time inventory module is now available. It extends the award-winning TMS platform to keep track of inventory by line-of-business. Inbound and outbound inventory is being tracked in real-time to provide for up to the minute visibility. Contact your Fortigo representative or email us at info@fortigo.com for additional details and pricing.

What We're Working On
We are working to enhance shipping of dangerous goods (DG) by integrating with one of the leading DG compliance platforms. This feature will be available early next year.

George Kontoravdis, President

We like the Fortigo online system as it is easy to use in order to update bills and enter statuses... Having shipping documents online and ready to print makes our job easier...

— AIT Worldwide Logistics

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