Spring 2017

Visibility: Have it Your Way

24/7 Visibility — Your Data the Way You Want to See It

24/7 Visibility

Fortigo's advanced visibility platform allows you to monitor every step of the shipping process regardless of your carrier choice. Simply select any available reference field to access real-time status updates. For example, purchase order, customer order, shipment reference number or any other identifier allows you to quickly view freight status.

Large organizations may use dozens or even hundreds of transportation providers. Shipments can vary from a letter to a container involving multiple modes of transportation. Fortigo's comprehensive, collaborative transportation management system (TMS) aggregates all visibility data and provides one system of record.

Fortigo utilizes real-time data feeds from carriers, vendors or internal enterprise systems. It cross-references the data and stores information using a common denominator model. This eliminates supply chain blind spots and enables users to access information based on the criteria that are important to them. Tracking data, in-transit exceptions and service failures are just a click away.

Supply chain visibility results in several benefits:

Fortigo's cloud-based collaborative logistics platform creates a synchronized and smooth supply chain for your unique shipping requirements. Contact us today at info@fortigo.comto explore the ways Fortigo can save you time and money.


How does Fortigo obtain carrier tracking data?

Fortigo has direct data feeds from carriers to receive timely tracking data via EDI, XML and several other formats. In addition, Fortigo provides carriers with a dedicated web portal to status deliveries from their web browser or smartphone.

Fortigo by the Numbers

The numbers are in and Fortigo can handle them any way you want.

Fortigo by the Numbers

We enable you to use the numbers that are important to you.


Check out our contemporary new look.
Fortigo's advanced TMS platform has been revamped with an updated user interface. The new look promotes a better user experience. Commenting on the new look, Fortigo's President, George Kontoravdis said, "We are excited to roll out the new Fortigo look and feel. It focuses on improving the user experience by better navigation, faster response time and consistency across desktop and mobile platforms." Expect a staged roll out of the system in the first half of this year.

What We're Working On
We are currently migrating to a new customer support platform. The new platform will give greater visibility to case management and reporting. Look for an announcement in the coming weeks about the new support portal for our customers.

George Kontoravdis, President

I am delighted to have this visibility. There is absolutely a benefit.

— Major Airline Vendor

American Airlines
United Airlines
US Airways
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