February 9, 2018

Vendors at the Wheel

Steering Efficient Shipping Decisions with Visibility, Compliance & Execution

Vendors at the Wheel

Fortigo's Vendor Portal automates, standardizes and provides visibility to shipments originating outside the "four walls" of the enterprise.

Utilizing our extensive experience as a leader in multiple industries, Fortigo has developed an innovative online platform focused on giving customers complete visibility from end-to-end. The integration of inbound and outbound transportation systems into one comprehensive Vendor Portal allows managers to establish efficient supply chain strategies to fulfill any unique shipping requirement.

Industry inherent complexities can further complicate the shipment process due to the diverse range of service levels and transportation options. However, our Vendor Portal was engineered precisely to facilitate businesses with global shipping operations that demand consistency and punctuality.

Additional benefits of the Vendor Portal include:

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What We're Working On

New Support Portal. Fortigo recently adopted Zendesk as its Customer Support platform. Zendesk provides a centralized support ticketing system that allows simple solutions and offers better customer experience and interactions.

I am delighted to have this visibility. There is absolutely a benefit.

— Major Airline Vendor

American Airlines
United Airlines
US Airways
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