Summer 2022

Realizing Multimodal Success in Your TMS

Fortigo unlocks shipping flexibility with multimodal.

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One System, Any Shipment

We're making complex shipments easy with Fortigo Multimodal. The new feature streamlines any shipment that has unique requirements or involves multiple modes of transportation. Historically, companies have heavily relied on third-party freight brokers to handle complex shipments that include multiple modes, geographies, and freight characteristics. Planning and executing these shipments requires careful attention to detail and coordination with various transportation providers for efficient freight hand-off. Whether it's a small parcel package or an aircraft engine, Fortigo Multimodel boils this complexity down to a simple interface.

Unparalleled Flexibility and Visibility

Fortigo's Multimodal feature leverages our on-demand TMS to offer enhanced flexibility and visibility for complex shipments. The multimodal approach can be as involved as sending a container from Austin (TX) to Chengdu (CN), using diverse transportation modes, and typically involving multiple carriers. With just a few clicks, a multimodal shipment can be manifested and sent on its way via Fortigo TMS. Within the system, you can easily see all aspects of a multimodal shipment in one place, including all segment statuses and related documentation. Status notifications are updated automatically, giving the user complete control and extended visibility of the shipment. On the back end, Fortigo TMS leverages proprietary algorithms to optimize transactions and ensure that all shipments flow seamlessly between carriers.

Don't miss George Kontoravdis' interview about the importance of Multimodal in the April 2022 edition of Inbound Logistics.

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How can I track a multi-modal shipment in Fortigo TMS?

Fortigo by the Numbers

Fortigo by the Numbers | Summer 2022

Money Back, Guaranteed.

Fortigo identifies service failures and claims refunds for customers. Carriers typically offer a 98% on-time performance rate, however, this number has fallen as global shipping volume increases. As a result this year, money-back savings have surged up to 5% for Fortigo customers.

Fortigo Freight Audit and Payment examines every charge code, including items such as carrier on-time performance, and eliminates overcharging, identifies incorrect charges based on several criteria such as carrier service level agreement, negotiated rate sheets, and volume discounts. Contact if you would like to learn more about our Freight Audit features.

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Founders Corner

Current global supply chain challenges require organizations to use all of the tools at their disposal to maximize efficiency, visibility, and savings. An enhanced TMS with Multimodal functionality can be very handy when navigating today’s complexity in the shipping domain. I encourage companies to leverage our new Multimodal functionality to complement overworked freight forwarders. Our advanced system is carrier-neutral and aims to help alleviate the stress on all parties, creating a win-win solution for all stakeholders.

While building Fortigo Multimodal, our development team focused on ease of use. While a shipment may require four different modes of transportation, it can be manifested in the Fortigo TMS in less than 10 seconds. Once it's on the way, you retain full visibility from start to end, all with one master tracking number.

We also have new integrations with carriers such as Uber Freight that can increase your direct carrier reach by over 70,000. I am confident that Multimodal, coupled with our customer-favorite Freight Audit System and on-demand TMS, will provide your business with the necessary tools to maintain a visible and cost-effective supply chain.

George Kontoravdis, Ph.D.
Founder and President, Fortigo


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